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Naruto OC: Nagano Kaede by cosmicsynner Naruto OC: Nagano Kaede by cosmicsynner
a fun project that's taken me almost a week to develop and design haha
Naruto's such an important part of my life B') consequently, my oc needs detail, even though she's a sue for marrying Kiba lmao <333
(so her last name changes, but I used it here because it isn't just her Boruto ref lelel :b)
side note** I didn't make Kiba lovestruck with Kaede as he is canon with Tamaki, as it feels ooc to me px but then again WHAT DO I KNOW 
I rearranged/deleted/added some stuff, but the template is still relatively the same!!

This is an original Naruto Next Generation Data sheet made by ZombieChocolate
Naruto wiki was used as sources to create this template.
You are allowed to use it for free, but only if you credit the maker of the template and don't delete this credit part. Thank you, and have fun c:

--- Basic Info ---

Name: Nagano Kaede
Kanji: ながの かえで
Meaning: Nagano (long field) Kaede (maple leaf)
Alias/Nicknames:  Onee-chan (Tomoe)
Epithets/titles:  Torikkusutā no musume (Trickster’s Daughter) and Konohagakure no hahaoya (Konoha’s Mother)
Species:  Human
Gender:  Female
Sexual orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthday:  February 25
Age: Part I: 12-13  Part II: 15-17 The Last: 19 Epilogue: 33
Zodiac sign:  Pisces
Voice Actress: Satomi Korogi

--- Characteristics ---

Blood type: A
Height: Part I: 148.8 cm-150 cm  Part II: 158 cm The Last: 160 cm Epilogue: 160.5 cm
Weight: Part I: 45.4 kg  Part II: 45.7 kg  The Last: 48 kg Epilogue: 49 kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light brown
Skin: Cool
Unusual Features: Orange circles her eyes and there are two little marks underneath; Nagano trait

--- Ninja information ---

Affiliation: Konohagakure
Current rank: Chūnin
-Genin promotion: 12 years old
-Chūnin promotion: 14 years old
Classification: Medical-Nin
Occupation: Doctor and Assistant Director of Konoha Children Mental Health Clinic
Status: Retired Ninja
Ninja-ID: 012691
Team: Shion Shingen (sensei), Hiraku Inoue, Konen Ao
Kekkei Genkai: None
Chakra nature: Earth, Yin, and Yang
Ninjutsu range: Mid-ranged
Defensive/Offensive type: Defensive
Dominant hand: Right hand
Weapons: Proficient in using kunai, shuriken, and senbon
Summoning(s): None

Missions completed:
D-rank: 25
C-rank: 8
B-rank: 6
A-rank: 2
S-rank: 0

Strength in Missions
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 9
Strength: 13
Agility: 14
Dexterity: 18
Stamina: 10
Constitution: 13
Charisma: 15
Comeliness: 7
Chakra Control: 19
Cooperation: 17

Strength: Specialized medical ninjutsu
Weakness: Defending against genjutsu, extended intense taijutsu (ex. Rock Lee’s)
Taijutsu: Decent
Ninjutsu: Excellent
Genjutsu: Terrible
Fighting style: She prefers to keep a distance and will either throw chakra shuriken at her opponent, use Earth techniques as defense, or throw senbon at nonvital areas, unless the situation calls for otherwise. In short, Kaede stays out of the way until a comrade needs support or she must fight. Thus, when targeted and forced to move around, shadow clones are used to throw her opponent off as well as poisoned senbon; if cornered, she’d take them on directly with her earth gauntlets.

Ninja stats:
NIN: 5/5
TAI: 3/5
GEN: 1/5
KEN(intelligence): 4/5
RIKI(power): 4/5
SOKU(speed): 3/5
SEI(chakra): 5/5
IN(finger sign): 4/5
Total: 29/40

--- Techniques ---

Earth Release: Earth Flow Spears: Technique that condenses mud or stone from the ground and shapes it into spikes that protrude in order to skewer the target. It cannot penetrate targets of great density. Typical usage is offense, though Kaede prefers to use it as defense to create a barrier around herself and patient, as well as scare off her opponent (i.e. they doge to not get stabbed).

Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall: Technique that creates a solid wall of earth as a form of defense. Chakra is either converted to earth within the body and then spat out to form the wall or she can manipulate pre-existing earth to form the wall. The earth then instantly rises up and takes form

Earth Release: Underground Haven: Technique that further expands on Underground Split. Kaede adjusted it so once a landslide is created and moves towards the target at a fast pace, the ground will open carefully, slide she and her comrades inside, and close behind them. This is both an offense and defense; used primarily when opponents are relentless and comrades are damaged badly.

Mystical Palm Technique: Technique that matches chakra with the severity of the injury. It’s used to speed up a healing process on either an external or internal injury without the need of medical supplies. Kaede uses this for it’s main purpose, though when being attacked and she can’t catch a break, she gathers and sends an excess amount of chakra into her opponent’s body so they’re overloaded and trapped in a comatose state.

Poison Mist: (combines ninjutsu, chemistry, and medical knowledge) Chakra is kneaded within the body and then changed into special chemical substances which is then ejected through the mouth. When this substance comes in contact with the air outside the body, it instantly changes and is transformed into a mist of deadly poison. The poison's ability to kill is tremendous; this technique is used when all else fails.

Kaede is decent enough; she’s able to mostly dodge, trip her opponent, and land some hits. Her taijutsu becomes less mediocre, though, when she feels her life is threatened. Her typical move then is to tackle her opponent from the side or from above, use her earth gauntlets, and pound their throat.

Despite having a strong prowess in chakra control, it isn’t strong enough to help her realize when she’s in a genjutsu or to help her avoid falling prey to it. As her weakest point, she trained hard so that at least she could release herself if she were to recognize her situation.

--- Personal traits ---

Personality: Kaede is a detail-oriented ambivert who loves to help people, encourage her friends, and daydream. She’s reserved around people she doesn’t know/upon first introduction, though the more someone is acquainted with her, the more they realize how vocal she really is. She loves to socialize, share laughs, and has no shame in expressing her opinions about situations and people (especially to their face). Though, this is done in a sweet way as to not hurt people’s feelings, but rather make them think.
Good traits: Friendly, determined, structured, cautious
Bad traits: Nitpicky, stubborn, sometimes too vocal and sometimes she over over-analyzes
Likes: Daydreaming of her father, strawberries, other’s boldness (she wishes she could be impulsive), convincing teammates to carry her because the medic is exhausted, bird’s chirping, mother’s approval/when she says “That’s my girl”, and teasing Tomoe
Dislikes: Coffee, overly sweet sweets, when cats mew, when her mother’s overbearing, how unbearably loud her sister can be, and when Tomoe teases her
Habit(s): Taps index and thumb nails together when nervous/thinking/excited
Hobbies: Walks, chatting, collecting shells, and reading about great figures of the past
Fears: Large insects and disappointing her mother
Ambition: To become a skilled medic-nin (later doctor) so she can save people
Strength(s): Kaede has great chakra control, she’s good at concocting poisons (debilitate/paralyze), making food pills, recognizing herbs, helping resolve conflicts, and as a knack for preciseness.
Weakness(es): She can be too tense and overly nitpicky with details, often causing irritation for someone else. For her, structure is necessary otherwise she’ll malfunction.

Personal Quote:
"Smile, even when you can’t."

--- Relationships ---

Parents: Koma Nagano (mother) and Tadao Nagano (father, deceased)
Sibling(s): Tomoe Nagano (adopted)
Relative(s): Rin Nohara (aunt on mother’s side, deceased), Nohara grandparents
Teammates/Ex-teammates: Hiraku Inoue, Konen Ao
Friends: Hinata, Leiko, Lee, Kiba, Sakura, Naruto, TenTen, Ino, Neji, Shikamaru, Choji, Hiraku, Konen
Best friend: Hinata
Crush: Kiba
Rival: Sakura (inspiration too)

--- Background & history ---

Koma Nohara was a medic-nin specialist and the big sister to Rin Nohara. In her youth, she was very outspoken, sweet, and competitive, though very gentle and encouraging to her little sister. Likewise in youth, Tadao Nagano was outgoing, impulsive, and always wanted to prove himself; his best friend was Minato Namikaze and the two had a friendly rivalry (although Minato eventually surpassed him). Both Koma and Tadao attended the Academy together and were friends, albeit ones that used to tease, heavily compete, and annoy each other. It wasn’t until he was promoted to Jounin and she began working in Konoha Hospital did the two reveal feelings they’ve harbored throughout the years and began courting; give a few years, and the two eventually got married.
Tadao retained his outgoing nature, but mellowed out in his competitiveness. He became a skillful jounin that would become known for his high taijutsu prowess, deductive skills, earth gauntlets, and playful nature (his title Konoha’s Trickster). On the battlefield, he enjoyed teasing and confusing his opponents, but was overall merciful and preferred to knock them out rather than kill them unless there was no way otherwise. He didn’t possess any kekkei genkai, but was also proficient at element ninjutsu, shurikenjutsu, and summoning.
Koma retained her sweet nature, but became quieter due to her needing to analyze situations and determine what techniques to be used for healing/assisting teammates. She often trained and studied hard regarding her medical ninjutsu, something that rubbed off on and she encouraged Rin with. She preferred joining Tadao on missions to ensure his safety, but upon joining Konoha Hospital, Koma’s field days as a ninja were limited due to looking forward to retiring, becoming a doctor, and a mother.
By the time the Third Shinobi War occurs, Koma already had Kaede, but would often leave her with her parents so she could go out and assist teams (i.e. be their medic). Similarly, Tadao was often away on missions to aid the war effort. During the attack on Konoha, Koma was at the hospital rushing to heal while Tadao was out fighting; in the end, he was badly injured, rushed to the hospital and treated by Koma, but died shortly after arrival due to the severity. His dying words, aside from telling her to take care of Kaede and that he loved them, were “I finally beat you in something.”
His death combined with already dealing with Rin having sacrificed herself for the sake of the village crushed Koma, as she’d lost two of the most important people in her life. After the war ended and things began to normalize, she became increasingly depressed, left Kaede with her parents, and buried herself in work. Her relationship with Kaede was neglected for three years, in fact, and the only thing that brought her back around was a heart-to-heart from her best friend, Mebuki Haruno. This talk reminded her of the love she had lost, but could regain with her daughter; with this in mind, Koma completely turned around and became a firm and encouraging mother. Her hope was to instill Tadao and Rin’s gentle yet strong-spirits in Kaede.

Childhood (3-11):
Kaede was born in Konohagakure and for the first three years of her life, didn’t know much about her parents. She initially grew up in the Nohara household and developed a strong relationship with her grandparents. Due to their influence, she was a very sweet and kind child who loved to help around the house and make others laugh. Additionally, she was curious and loved to play outside and poke around to discover/learn new things. When her mother came back into her life, she was initially shy and even scared of her. To Kaede, Koma was a stranger; these feelings grew negative when she took her to live with her as opposed to her grandparents.
The following year was a rough adjustment, as Kaede missed her grandparents and would often cry and beg to “go back home”. Koma remained persistent, though, and worked hard to earn the child’s trust and eventual love. One way she accomplished this was by telling her things/stories either about Tadao, Rin, or when she herself was little. For example: “Kaede, did you know, you have your father’s smile? And when you laugh, you sound just like him!”
When she was four, her mother brought home a baby. This confused and even worried Kaede for her mother’s sake, as she thought babies came from stomachs and didn’t know her mother was able to “shoot one out at will”. Koma explained that like her, the baby’s father had died in combat and unfortunately, the mother passed away due to labor complications. So she decided to bring her home and ask Kaede if they should keep the baby and give it a home, or send it back and let it fend for itself. Kaede proclaimed herself as a big sister and held the baby; this act in itself was a test of and nurtured her compassion, something Koma nearly cried over. They named the baby Tomoe, who Kaede became very fond and protective of.
When Kaede was Academy enrollment age, her mother didn’t even try to hide her dismay and disapproval. She wanted to keep her daughter safe and would even scold Kaede for thinking about joining. This hurt her, as she wanted to grow up and be like her father and aunt. Kaede expressed this to her grandparents who in turn helped her enroll and faced Koma’s wrath. They explained Kaede’s thinking, though, which lead to Koma’s reluctant acceptance.
In the Academy, Kaede was met with the title Trickster’s Daughter. Her teachers had high hopes for her, considering who her father was; while she felt honored, she also felt burdened and shadowed. Nonetheless, Kaede wasted no time in trying to prove to her teachers and mother that she could be a great kunoichi. Consequently, she pushed herself in training and studied for long hours; these efforts were later rewarded with Koma’s encouragement and even assistance. For example, Koma helped Kaede practice throwing shuriken and taught her tricks to help her get a more direct hit on the target. But this was limited assistance, as she wasn’t skilled much outside of medical-ninjutsu. Due to this, however, Kaede saw it as an opportunity to get out of her father’s shadow and make a name for herself, so she began learning medical ninjutsu. Other than her diligent studies and training, Kaede socialized and made several friends, the most notable being Sakura Haruno, Kiba Inuzuka, and Hinata Hyuga. All three characters were different from each other, yet had qualities that Kaede valued and tried to adopt. She loved Sakura’s confidence (later, after she and Ino's friendship ends), Hinata’s humility, and Kiba’s carefree nature.

Part I: Genin days (12-13):
Kaede was assigned to Team 5 with her fellow classmates Hiraku Inoue and Konen Ao, their sensei being Shion Shingen. Team 5 valued teamwork and training hard, something difficult to see at first and accomplish, as they were all very different. Hiraku was arrogant and apathetic, Konen was inconsiderate and liked to dominate, and Kaede was a self-centered hypocrite. Meaning, Kaede preached wanting to help people and become strong, though when her teammates irritated or upset her, she wouldn’t talk to them nor help them heal. Furthermore, when she would heal her teammates, she’d stop after them criticizing it either taking too long or being too poor because she felt her medic skills were “good enough!”
Shinon pointed out these individual flaws and lectured the team about needing to put these aside, work together, and train harder. It didn’t happen overnight, but gradually the three were able to do so and become more useful and friendly to each other. So much so that by the time the Chunin Exams rolled around, they were able to talk to each other easily and come to mutual agreements. Once they passed the first stage and entered the Forest of Death, they received the Earth scroll and attempted to steal the Heaven from other teams. These teams included Team 8 and Team Guy; both teams defeated them, but left admirable impacts. Team 5 considered Team Guy the ultimate team, as they seemingly worked so effortlessly together; Rock Lee’s taijutsu in particular awed Kaede. Team 8 impressed them by the amount of progress and strength they’d accomplish since they’d all been together in the Academy. In the end, Team 5 passed by stealing the Heaven scroll from Masago's Team, but failed to pass the preliminaries.
This failure humiliated Kaede because she felt she disappointed her mother and her father’s legacy. Consequently, after Konoha Crush (during the Finals she cheered for Naruto and later went to go greet Lee; she fell under the genjutsu before she could.) and onward, she dedicated the majority of her free time to training with Lee, whom she had approached and asked to mentor her. It wasn’t similar to his type of training, rather she asked to help her improve with more defensive styles and effective blows. When he wasn’t available, Kaede trained with either her teammates or Hinata, though her own teammates were more focused on their specialized training. Through these two bonds, Kaede was able to branch out and establish stronger connections with others; but most importantly, thanks to Hinata, she too began to admire Naruto’s strong-will, determination, and developed a friendship with him.
Upon Tsunade and Shizune’s arrival and settlement, Kaede was giddy due to knowing their reputation and great prowess. Hinata encouraged Kaede to go ask for mentoring, as she understood how she wished to improved and admired them greatly; Kaede did, although embarrassed. Tsunade rejected her because she wanted to focus on adjusting as Hokage and couldn’t be bothered. However, after pleading her case of wanting to improve to save people and to both live up to and get out of her father’s legacy, she agreed to provide some mentoring, but Shizune would be the primary teacher.

Part II: Time skip (13-14) / Shippuuden (15-17):
During the time skip, Kaede trained with Shizune to better her medical ninjutsu and learn new techniques. She learned all about poisons, herbs, and how to analyze a person to determine a treatment; concurrently, Tsunade had her train alongside Sakura and Ino so she could get better control of and improve her chakra. During this time, she grew closer to them and developed friendly rivalries; while she surpassed Ino (once she mastered Poison Mist), she couldn’t keep up with Sakura and was eventually surpassed herself.
Outside of her training, Kaede and her teammates continued to go on missions and grew close; due to their two year improvement, they were able to become Chunin once the Exams rolled back around. Both Koma and Tomoe congratulated her on the promotion. Tomoe gave her an origami bird, while her mother gave her lots of praise and kisses, but also lectured her on having to be more careful now, as she’d be encountering greater danger. Sometime after becoming a Chunin, she and Hinata ate at Ichiraku’s to celebrate; they were joined by several others, among them Kiba. The two were already friends, but this time together had them acting more friendly, with reminiscing, banter, and so forth. At the end of it, Kaede found herself delighted and with a crush. Albeit she kept the crush to herself, she pursued Kiba more than she originally had to spend time with him and get to know him better, not to mention to give lots of love to Akamaru.
During Shippuden, Kaede welcomed Naruto back to the village along with others and for the most part, when about business as usual (i.e. missions and training and whatnot). During Pain’s Assault, Kaede helped the villagers flee to Konoha Hospital and assisted her mother in treating whatever injuries she could. Along with the villagers, she, Koma, and Tomoe died in the Hospital during Pain’s Shinra Tensei but was later resurrected. Afterward, she joined in on praising Naruto for saving the village and expressed her joy for him finally being widely accepted.
Having died impacted her greatly, as it made her truly aware of her own mortality and even scared her (she knew everyone died sooner or later as a ninja, but having died so suddenly without any way to know or prevent it is what bothered her). Upon sharing this with Kiba, he comforted her and told her that she should take this as a sign to stop being so worried and instead enjoy life more. She thanked him and indirectly confessed her feelings to him by saying that she’d seen him in a different light lately, but he didn’t realize what she actually meant and attributed it to him not slouching as much anymore.

War Arc (17):
Kaede was in the Logistical Support and Medical Division. She was dispatched to the First Division where she assisted in healing the injured ninja and fighting off White Zetsus when necessary. During the battle, Kaede was assisted by Konen to go retrieve more critically wounded ninja when they were attacked by White Zetsus. After defeating them, they encountered another enemy that practically drove her to tears, Tadao. He didn’t recognize her and apologized to both of them for fighting, as he had no control over his body, though he did inform them on how to defeat him. Konen was badly injured and needed to fall back; Kaede understood she was no match to her father, but persisted in order to protect her friend. As the two fought, Kaede revealed herself and answered his questions about Koma and herself. Tadao was moved, his regrets of not having been alive to raise her vanished, as he remarked she grew up to be a strong and worthwhile kunoichi of whom he was very proud of. Thus, his soul found peace and returned to the afterlife.
After the encounter, Kaede took Konen back to heal and would later go back and forth to keep helping the injured. Once the battle finished and night fell, she witnessed the summoning and mass destruction of Demonic Statue of the Outer Path while trying to carry injured ninja; she survived thanks to finding quick coverage. Afterward, Kaede helped carry back the wounded to the station behind the armies’ defensive line and continued her duties; she later helped wipe out the White Zetsu Army clones that infiltrated the main compound.
Kaede then went on to join the rest of the Allied Shinobi Force and focused on healing the injured. She received a protective version 1-like cloak prior to the devastating counterattack of the Ten-Tails, thus escaping death once again. She continued to aid the injured alongside Katsuyu and marveled at the sight of Kiba in his transformed state as he performed Tail Chasing Fang Fang Rotating Fang and ripped rows upon rows of the Ten-Tails’ clones apart. Likewise from afar, she later watched and cheered as Naruto, Sasuke, and the reincarnated Hokage fought Tobi.
Later, when Infinite Tsukuyomi was activated, she too was caught by the roots of the God Tree and fell under the genjutsu’s power. Inside the genjutsu, Kaede dreamed of introducing Kiba to her parents; Koma smiled in approval while Tadao expressed it physically by pulling the two into a bear hug. As he laughed, Tomoe clapped her hands and sang a nursery rhyme similar to the “K-I-S-S-I-N-G” one.

Blank Period:
After the war, Kaede returned to Konoha to continue helping those injured and later those displaced by the conflict. During this, she noticed that the adults were able to recover quickly, but the children struggled to recover from the stress of the War and the deaths of those they knew. She shared the same concerns with Ino and Sakura, which resulted in her assistance in opening a clinic within Konoha Hospital that would assess and treat children’s mental health. She contributed to its initial success by staying late to organize files and fill out paperwork, but she found true success by coming up with treatments and introducing them to the children.
The first was Art Therapy. It’s introduced as a non-threatening form of expression; children would draw their life story events in gifted sketchbooks, which Kaede then analyzed for themes and feelings that she’d discuss with the child. Upon its success, she later enlisted in Ino and Sakura’s help to analyze and have individual sessions with the children.
The second was Animal-Assisted Therapy, in which Kaede managed to convince Kiba and his sister Hana to lend their ninken (she wanted these four specifically, as Hana’s were friendly and calm, while Akamaru was active and devoted). Essentially, Akamaru and three Haimaru Brothers had scheduled sessions with children in which they would be pet, groomed, and rode for a while. The riding helped soothed and focus children, while the petting and grooming taught them social interaction and personal responsibility. While successful, Kaede preferred to manage this exclusively.
The final was Play Therapy. It’s introduced as a non-threatening form of communication in which toys are present and displacement and projecting are explored. Kaede would observe a toy’s feelings and the story’s recurring themes, as well as challenge children with more effective alternatives to replace disturbing behavior. Likewise, upon its success, she enlisted in her co-workers assistance.
Collectively, for the clinic, Ino, Sakura, and Kaede came up with a final valuable form of treatment. An approach that involved intervention of family. If the family was willing, family members were taught effective ways to respond to children with mental illness, such as using positive reinforcement for desirable behavior.
Due to her dedication to the clinic, Kaede retired as a ninja so she could work exclusively with the children. Koma often scolded her for overworking and tried to get her to relax and enjoy her free time. These attempts were in vain and Kaede wouldn’t relent her efforts for two years, as she felt the children were in crucial stages and needed immediate assistance. This dedication and effort earned her the title Konoha’s Mother.

The Last (19):
Two years after the end of the war, Kaede mellowed out on her loadwork and tried to focus on her personal life. She encouraged Hinata to not hide her feelings for Naruto, but to instead be upfront and give him the scarf she knitted. Hinata replied with the same advice regarding Kiba, much to Kaede’s embarrassment. Later, she enjoyed the Rinne Festival with Tomoe, who helped her carry presents she received from the children she took care of. Sometime after, she left the presents with her sister to go give Kiba his; to his surprise, she even brought something for Akamaru.
Kaede later helped evacuate the villagers and tried to help a few children remain calm. In the end, she celebrated with everyone upon learning that the moon’s crisis was averted.

Epilogue/Chapter 700+ (33):
Kaede attended Naruto and Hinata’s wedding with Tomoe and Kiba. Although delighted to be present, it also concerned her for her own future. The crush she’s harbored for years turned into love and while she preached being upfront to Hinata, she could never tell Kiba directly how she felt (i.e. it was always indirectly, which he never picked up on). But seeing the joy between the wedded instilled confidence. So later when the two were on a walk with Akamaru and joking around, she seized the opportunity and said, “You know, I’ve been watching you closely these past years and everyday I love you more.” Before he could respond, Akamaru pulled him away because he didn’t want him to shy away from training in favor of romancing like “the others”. Nevertheless, the feelings were mutual and the two eventually married.
Four years after the war, Kaede took over as temporary Director for Sakura as she left to travel with Sasuke. Concurrently, she became pregnant with her daughter Chiharu, although she didn’t take leave until she was forced to; even after Chiharu’s birth, Kaede continued to work from home. This action irritated her family and Kiba who expressed that she should focus on herself and taking care of the baby. She obliged, but was fearful that she’d become too comfortable being a mother and would want to become a housewife. Yet by two years time when Hotaka is born, Kaede is comfortable enough to leave home a doctor and return a mother.
During the interlude between Chiharu graduating from the Academy and Hotaka being born, both parents raised the kids together with different styles which are summarized as the “fun one” and the “strict one”. Although the two’s styles eventually blended, Kiba preferred to let the children sleep in, play outside all day with their ninken, and didn’t mind when they skipped class. On the other hand, Kaede wanted to keep them on a schedule, provide structure, and greatly expressed her disappointment upon learning about their misbehavior. Kaede’s schedule for Chiharu and Hotaka was time sensitive regarding being up, eating, being ready, showing up to events, and going to bed on time. When the children were successful, they’d be rewarded with sweets and stories of the past.

Fifteen years after the war, when the time comes, Kaede takes vacation to watch Chiharu’s fight in the finals of the Chunin Exams. She’s accompanied by Kiba and Hotaka; all three were eager to see her match, but due to Naruto being attacked and the stadium destroyed, the tournament was cancelled. In the midst of chaos, she assisted in helping people escape. Concurrently, she had Chiharu take Hotaka and escape outside, whom she'd join after doing the best she could. Later, she works diligently in the main part of the hospital to heal those injured.

---Fun Facts---

1) Kaede understands that her children's ninken are crucial, but that's no excuse for them to show up to dinner smelling like wet dog (i.e. it triggers a lecture)
2) As a child, Koma purposefully kept Kaede's hair short. This is due to her looking similar to Rin at the time; it was her way of healing.
3) There are days when Kaede isn't considered a stick in the mud by her children. These days include them getting to sleep in, skip school for the day, and wrestling with mom; these days usually occur when she's overworked herself and is in need of a serious break.
4) Upon introducing Koma and Tsume, the two instantly bonded over complimenting the other's child and nitpicking their own. For example:
(Koma): Tsume, your Kiba's so energetic and willing! I wish Kaede could be like that and less boring.
(Tsume): Hah, he's only like that because sleep-heads don't get breakfast! Too bad he can't be more patient and thoughtful like your girl.
5) One of her most FAVORITE things to do is snuggle up with Kiba and Akamaru after a long day and crash.
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yesssss they should :3
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we're gonna duel for sure then bc koko is over 9000% qt

but yes ok >:^) i love development how should this start 
UM do you wanna discuss via notes or should we keep a chain going
Sai-Chaan Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
duel at dawn it is then >:3

+i'll note you !!
W31RD0-MAN Featured By Owner May 31, 2017
This is beautiful... I'm soooo new to Naruto (I honestly am just getting into anime in general) and I reaaaallly want to make a OC for it, but iknow so little about the show. 
Anyway, this is gorgeous (the first part was random asfff)
cosmicsynner Featured By Owner May 31, 2017
oh gosh thank you that's very kind of you to say <3
but naruto's pretty fun and easy to get through if you skip the fillers!
you could make an oc and develop them along the way as you watch the show or read the manga 
SONSHlNE Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
YASSS I fucking adore her?? And so much work put into her hot damn, worth worth worth!! 
Awww man this is inspiring me to make an OC of my own, but ffff idk if I could properly think out all their fighting techniques haha
cosmicsynner Featured By Owner May 30, 2017
omg you should do it!! haha they're so much fun i love these ocs <33
tbh what helps with techniques is just looking on the wiki and using some already established ones (bc that's what i did) to either inspire your own or just to fill the hole
but golly gee thank you haha i'm glad she isn't 1000% sue c':
Ai-Draws Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whoa, wait. Kiba's dating someone? What else have I been missing? O_o'
cosmicsynner Featured By Owner May 30, 2017
yess he's dating a cat-lover haha
UM i hear there's something going on with aliens and boruto being a sue 
Ai-Draws Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aaaah, the irony! XD

Meh, Boruto's a lil' shite but Himawari is so precious. Still wondering if Hidan will ever return, I mean he IS still technically alive in that hole.
cosmicsynner Featured By Owner May 30, 2017
I've heard similar negative reviews about the kid but I haven't watched it myself yet; her face is cute but the hair's eh
The only kid I know anything about is Sarada lol

A Hidan come back would be so excellent unu I miss the Akatsuki 
Ai-Draws Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've only read the manga but I haven't seen the anime yet, I bet it has just as much filler as Naruto did. XD Sarada's alright in my book so far, I'm more curious about Mitsuki since there's so little that we know of him.

My soul needs this comeback so bad! Honestly, it's so unfair that he was left forgotten after he was buried alive, I was so disappointed that Kakuzu didn't dig him up during the Edo Tensei return of most of the Akatsuki. I really wanted the zombie duo to be reunited. D:
cosmicsynner Featured By Owner May 30, 2017
yeah man same, I'm dying to know what he's going to do 
I mean like, his powers and stuff haha; his design is really cute :3c

Hidan really should've been a part of the final arc, it would've been really cool?
plus imagine all that extra angst as ino-shika-chou took the both of them on haha
poor Hidan :c all buried and forgotten 
Ai-Draws Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The only thing I know about him is that his body is elastic and that he can stretch his limbs to great lengths, the rest is a complete mystery, though I've heard rumors that he is Orochimaru's kid.

I would've loved to see Ino-Shika-Cho having to relive the horror of their last fight with them if they had been brought back together, plus Hidan's quips with Kakuzu were always so amusing! I've got my fingers crossed for Shikadai to stumble across his buried remains in the forest and maybe Hidan tricking him into freeing him and when he sees Shikadai once he pops out of the ground he probably mistakes him easily for Shikamaru. ;^;
cosmicsynner Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2017
yeah actually I was doing some research and he is apparently! 
he's too cute to be tho c': haha but still, that's so cool? I have to read the manga 

that whole scenario though would be an excellent story? I'd really love to see how the kids handle it
tbh though I'm curious how the things are going to handle everything and grow without naruto and sasuke stepping in, since they're so op
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SwirlyMaajiks Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
>:3x my fave
cosmicsynner Featured By Owner May 30, 2017
u mean the worst
aka we should LYNCH 
SwirlyMaajiks Featured By Owner May 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
as long as we lynch mine tOO
cosmicsynner Featured By Owner May 31, 2017
public lynchings are fun :3c
SwirlyMaajiks Featured By Owner May 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lynch them at the same time tbh
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